A Story About Haloka

Haloka Group was initially a donation initiative to help people that were impacted by COVID-19. Our founder, Stephanie Regina, held a Personal Branding webinar for 30 people. It was not a big class, but it indeed brought a lot of impact to the participants.

Haloka believes that everyone can contribute positively to society. We are all entrusted with stories, talents, and skills that can help other to grow. But unfortunately, not everyone know they can contribute, how to communicate it, and how to make the impact scalable

That’s why Haloka is here. We help you to connect your core values and competencies with the right opportunities so you can contribute positively to society. We are on a mission to create community that knows its role in society and helps others to do the same.

Who are we?

Haloka Group is an e-learning ecosystem that helps you to contribute positively to society by focusing on the growth of your personal development, communication, and branding skills.

Our focus

Creating a safe and sustainable ecosystem for our community members to learn, connect with the right opportunities, and create impact to society.

Our values

We believe in continuous improvement over perfection

In the most practial way to create impact for everyone

We work with partners and believers to make the impact scalable